Easy Epiphone Serial Numbers Guide

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Epiphone Serial numbers can tell you quite a bit about that guitar, you just have to know how to read them.

Decoding Epiphone serial numbers will help you when you’re buying or selling an Epiphone guitar.

You can find out:

  • What country the guitar was made in,
  • How old it is,
  • What factory it was made in, and
  • What the manufacturing number is,

…all very simply.

epiphone serial numbersFor an example, let’s choose the serial number from the guitar on the right:


This is what each character means:

  • “I” = Factory/Country
  • “04″ = Year of Manufacture (2004)
  • “03″ = Month of Manufacture (March)
  • “1245″ = Manufacturing Number

This is the factory/country code “cheatsheet”:
KOREA: I= Saein, U=Unsung, S=Samick, P or R=Peerless
CHINA: DW=DeaWon, EA=Gibson/QingDao, EE=Gibson/QingDao, MC=Muse, SJ=SaeJung, Z=ZaozhuangSaehan, BW=China

JAPAN: No letter or F=FujiGen,J or T=Terada

So this particular axe was made in March of 2004 in the Saein factory in Korea.



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