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Gibson is one of the most prominent names in guitar, and for decades has produced some of the most famous guitars on earth. Your favorite songs probably have a Gibson being played somewhere in there. Gibson’s electric guitars, especially since the resurgence of the Les Paul in the early 90′s, have been a dominant staple of rock n roll and popular music around the globe.

Which of the many Gibson electric guitars you pick really depends on what you’re going for. Yeah, the Gibson double neck looks totally kick @ss, but would you really want that thing onstage at a club gig? It weighs a ton, you have to tune 18 strings (no fun live), and it’s a bit cumbersome. If you’ve got a roadie, good for you Slash, but the rest of us have to maintain our own axes.

So yeah, maybe no Doubleneck live…

The Flying V is another eye-catching axe with a real meaty, ballsy, humbucker tone. It’s got one of the fattest, fullest tones I’ve ever heard, perfect for metal and a good for for any tune that needs a full guitar tone. Ain’t gonna get a Strat sound outta this bad boy.

The Les Paul remains the most recognized and best-selling Gibson electric guitars to this day, those things are built like freakin’ tanks. The tone speaks for itself: one of the most sought-after tones ever. Warm and creamy, although sometimes it can get a little muddy. The Les Paul has been played on more hits than you can count, from “Sweet Child o’ Mine” to the riff being written right now that will turn into a hit song one day.

TIP: It really just depends who you are as a player, and what you want to accomplish. What style and look are you going for? Who are your heroes? Answering these questions will go a long way in determining which axe you pick.

How are Gibson Guitars Made?

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